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In this method i will show you an Easy Cardable eBooks Website

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1.Enter the link, and chose any Subject you are interested in, after selecting the Subject select one eBooks from the list.

2.Select Buy E-book ADD TO CARD (Means your eBook will be delivered online.

3.Checkout, in the Billing Address you can put anything you want, i putted Fake Billing, but put a Real Email Address.

4.In the Final Checkout press PAY NOW.

5.You will be asked to put the CC info (Number,Exp,CVV). You can use public Credit Cards, they just need to have balance

and to be valid.

6. After Successfully payment, you will be redirected to the Download Page where you click the Button and the book will

be downloaded.

7.You can only open 1 eBook on 1 PDF Account.
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